Model 8 specifications
This is our full size loudspeaker based on Leonardo Speakers patent pending proprietary technology.

Frequency range from 20Hz to 100KHz
Low frequencies ribbon-planar woofer
0.45 m² (surface)
1.42 m (height)
High frequencies ribbon mid-tweeter
15 mm (width)
1.42 m (height)
Ultrasonic frequencies piezo-polymer super-tweeter
Cross-over 6+6 dB/oct @ 900 Hz Mundorf components
Internal cables White Gold Reference Cables
Weight 140 Kg each
Size 1.68m (height),
0.65m (width),
0.07m (depth of baffle),
0.44m (base depth)
Sensitivity 93 dB effective in room
Recommended power 5-250 W
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm

Our preferred finish is glossy black piano in solid poly-methacrylate, this is ideal for a long lasting quality. On request other colors are available and also unique decorated versions.

Each pair of speakers is made by hand and tested for a minimum of 48h to give an initial break-in. After testing it is carefully checked, signed and packaged in a highly protective shipping wooden crate.

We offer a limited warranty on our products for a period of 5 years