Our Mission and our Promise
We believe that high quality in musical reproduction is mandatory to touch our soul with the intensity of the original message contained in the music.

The ancient Greek religion, that is giving the name of a god to any transcendent manifestation, calls Orpheus the god that inspires composers, performers and listeners allowing them to feel the divine breath and harmony through the music. It is giving sacred dignity to the artistic manifestation and it becomes a divine manifestation.
Our mission
is to make loudspeakers that can transmit this message as lively as possible, with the respect deserved by a divine manifestation. To help our customers in this experience we use unconventional design concepts and modern materials to give you uncompromised objects of top Italian design.
Our promise
is to sell only what we make with care with our hand, what we love with our heart what we create with our mind; it is to sell unique objects that can be appreciated by the hi-fi addict as well as the music lover and common people. What you will hear will be really different from what you have ever heard; you will not need golden ears! What you will see will be a unique piece of furniture, a sculpture that you will proudly show to your friends instead of hiding it as much as you can.

The brand Leonardo speakers

Was born in the name of a great Italian man, highly excellent in arts, technology and invention. We are an Italian company, so Italian design comes out naturally. We are a small company and we make most of the work by hand, with love and a bit of pride. We started in 2011, but our knowledge and know-how dates more than 25 years back. We started in 1984 making experiments on dipolar radiation in rooms using conventional cone speakers mounted on a baffle. A few years later we pioneered the technology of true ribbon mid-tweeters ending in making a ribbon loudspeaker in 1994. Through all these years we have built up a very good experience of reliability and the sensitivity of the ribbon loudspeaker raised reaching 93dB and in 2009 the revolutionary ribbon-planar woofer was born. This reaches the same sensitivity of the ribbon mid-tweeter thanks to patent pending concepts. At last in 2011 we started the co-operation with Extreme Audio, well-known Italian company that is making and distributing loudspeakers of high technological, musical and aesthetic value. Both production and global selling are their responsibility.

Why Leonardo speakers?

COHERENT like a wide-range single transducer:
Leonardo speakers use RTC (Real Total Coherence) proprietary technology to make bass unit and treble unit out of the same very light and strong materials with similar magnetic field intensity.

CONTROLLED like a studio monitor: Leonardo speakers use very light diaphragms and huge magnets (about 100Kg per pair).

DYNAMIC like a horn: Leonardo speakers have a very big moving surface (almost 1 square meter per pair) with long stroke and constant driving force, so dynamic is huge and dynamic compression virtually non existing.

Delivering a HUGE SOUND-STAGE like a big planar dipole: Leonardo speakers are big planar dipoles! They have a dispersion pattern with controlled directivity that interacts with your room acoustics in the best way without need for heavy treatments. They approximate the ideal line-source.

EFFICIENT and REFINED to match your beloved single ended tube amp: Leonardo speakers use a patent pending technology to make push-pull bass unit design so they have high sensitivity (93dB).